Pauline Pitman

Since moving down to Henley on Klip from Joburg 3 years ago Iíve realized how different it is living out of the big city.


You don’t have shops on every corner, the choice of entertainment and certainly when it comes to medical services there is a limit to what is available to you, and a limitless distance you have to travel to get what you want. So you can imagine how the parents of our CP kids feel, where Frances Vorweg is the closest school, 50+km away and finding an NDT trained therapist is just about impossible.
After an extended maternity leave I started up from home at the request of a mom who had been praying for an NDT Physio to come to the Vaal Triangle…that happened to be me!
After the word spread I started getting moms from all over. From Van der Bijl to Parys, Sebokeng to Frankfort in the Free State…how lucky the parents are in Joburg to have the pick of the crop right on their doorstep. It made me realise the importance of support and communication between the moms where so many of them were feeling lost and alone, especially coming from the small ‘dorps’.
We decided to have a spring picnic in the garden, a chance for meeting, chatting and exchanging experiences. What a great day it turned out to be and a real chance for moms to tell their story.
It really brought home to me the importance of community, feeling loved and being heard. There is always so much emphasis on the child, it is often the mom who needs more.
With the strong support of a few key doctors and other allied health professionals (and of course the regular calls to Estelle) we are getting the Vaal Triangle on the NDT track.

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